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Superlite Aluminum Frames

Superplastic forming (SPF) is carried out at high temperatures, where the tube structure is in it’s most ‘plastic’ and formable state. This means that Richmond can achieve advanced tube shapes and push forward the boundaries of bicycle frame design further than ever before. SPF tubes are the perfect alternative to the infinitely more expensive carbon fiber. Comparable in weight and perfor- mance without the accompanying disadvantages. And SPF tubes are recyclable, hence environmentally friendly.


SPF allow better tube shapes that cannot be produced using traditional forming techniques. Whereas shape designs can be applied to 20% - 30% of the tube using hydroforming, SPF allows up to 90%. In addition, complex shapes will not compromise the tube’s structural strength unlike hydroforming. The result: more optimized shapes and lesser weight. SPF tubes are 10% lighter than hydroformed tubes 20% transformation. 20% lighter at 30% transformation.


Superlite Carbon Frames

Richmond Carbon Fibers are very strong for their weight. Stronger than steel, but a whole lot lighter. Richmond carbon fiber can be formed into one-piece shapes eliminating the need for welding between joints which are usually a weak point in poorly welded tubes.


Hand Made

All our Richmond frames are jigged, welded, bonded, painted and QC checked by hand. It takes longer to do it like this, but it is the only way that we can obtain the quality of manufacture that we demand.


Fitright™ System
At Richmond, we do not simply slap several tubes together and call it a bicycle frame. In fact, each angle and length are carefully engineered to work (or play) perfectly with the dimensions of the human body. For you this means outstanding comfort even in long rides, excellent control even in the most technical terrain, and extra confidence to handle your bicycle. Fitright uses a t-shirt style sizing system. People in a certain height range will always fit in their designated category whether it is a comfort, road or mountain bike.




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